Zambia: Woman Refuses to Be Eighth Wife

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Dr-Kaseba-Ghana-First-LadyA LUSAKA Boma local court has heard how a 53-year-old man took an eighth woman despite having seven [toggle_box title=”Title of other wives and 35 children.

This is in a case in which 39-year-old Mary Mumba of Lusaka’s Garden House Township refused to reconcile with her husband, saying she could not manage to be the eighth wife.

In this case, Amos Shimwambwa of Lusaka’s Kabwata Township sued Mumba for marriage reconciliation after she forced him out of their matrimonial house.

Mumba told the court that her husband never told her that he had seven wives and 35 children before he married her.

Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2000 and together have no child although they had adopted two children.

Mumba told the court that when her husband died, she decided to marry Shimwambwa who she hardly new at that time.

She told the court that the two never knew each other as he was introduced to her by his relatives and the two were just communicating on phone initially.

“We never had time to be in courtship so that we could know each other very well. We met in person only once and we started to communicate on phone for just a month and decided to get married,” Mumba said.

She said when she found out about his seven wives and the 35 children, she felt miserable and only wanted to move forward alone.

And Shimwambwa told the court that he decided to lie that he had no wife or children because he was afraid that she would not agree to marry him if he did so.

He said he really wanted to marry her and did everything within his power to ensure that she was kept in the dark about his other women.

He told the court that the two were living in harmony until the day she received a call from a certain man who claimed to be interested in her and did not know that she was married.

“When I confronted her about the man she told me that she never wanted me anymore. She told me that if I stayed she would commit suicide so I decided to leave the house so that she could calm down and one day accept me back,” Shimwambwa said.

And when passing judgment, magistrate Morgan Kayunika said it was heartbreaking to see that in this era people still upheld polygamy.

The magistrate said reconciliation had failed because the wife was not willing to reconcile but advised any of the two to sue for divorce so that they could both be free to marry.

‘Wife wants me dead’


A MAN of Ndola’s Chipulukusu Township has refused to reconcile with his wife alleging that she has plans of killing him.

Sam Zulu told the Ndola main local court presided by principal presiding magistrate Sarah Bwalya, sitting with senior local magistrate Kaala Nyambe that his wife Faides would kill him if they reconciled.

Mr Zulu said on October 7, 2013 his wife called to tell him that she was waiting for him near the railway crossing but to his surprise, he was attacked by six men when he reached that point.

He said his wife was one of the assailants and that she hit him with a stick on his head so that he could not recognise her.

“She hired people to kill me that is why I can’t go back to her,” he said.

But in response, his wife Faides pleaded with Mr Zulu claiming she wanted him back so that they could live as husband and wife.

She refuted allegations claiming that her husband was lying and that it was because he had found another woman in Masala.

“He has found another woman in Masala where he has since moved to and the story about the killers is a lie,” she said.

The court, however, said they could not force Mr Zulu to reconcile with her because he had refused and advised either party to file for divorce.

Chinese bundled in court for insulting ex-junior


A CHINESE national working for a construction company in Lusaka has been dragged to court for allegedly insulting his former subordinate.

Fu Nge, 46, of Lusaka was sued by Antson Banda, 19, also of Lusaka after he accused him of manhandling and insulting him while at work.

Facts before the court were that Fu was Banda’s supervisor at a construction company but on October 14, 2013 he insulted him and later fired him without any proper reasons.

Banda told the court that he had worked for the company for more than a year but on several occasions Fu threatened to fire him.

He said on the particular day he accepted to quit his job because he was insulted and manhandled by his boss.

“It was time to knock off and I instructed the workers who were ferrying bricks to the bricklayers to stop as it was late, but when he came, he started insulting me and at the end he fired me,” he said.

But in his defence, Fu told the court that he never insulted Banda and that he just wanted to take advantage of him to obtain money.

He told the court that Banda had no right to instruct anyone to stop working as he had no powers to do so.

Fu told the court that Banda was just frustrated because he was fired from his job, hence he accused him of insulting him.

“I never manhandled him. When I was told that he was the one who had instructed the other workers to stop working I just fired him as he never wanted to work,” he said.

Fu told the court that after the incident, he went to the police where he paid everything that was due to Banda and ordered him not to step his foot on the company premises again.

The matter was adjourned to November 6, 2013 for judgment.

Father refuses to support 3-yr-old child


A LUSAKA local court has bemoaned the increasing number of men denying their responsibilities when they impregnate women on the pretext that they have families to look after.

Magistrate Morgan Kayunika observed that it was unfortunate for a man to make a woman pregnant and refuse to support an innocent child.

This was in a case where Rona Ncuwa, 26, of Lusaka’s Linda Township sued Damazio Zulu of the same area after he refused to support his three-year-old child.

Facts before the court were that the two had a relationship in 2010 and they have a three-year-old physically challenged child.

Ncuwa told the court that since she got pregnant in 2010, Zulu had never supported the child, saying he had another family to take care of.

She told the court that she had a physically challenged child, which made it even harder for her to support the child on her own as she could not leave it alone to go and look for a job.

“I can’t even look for a job because no one can manage to nurse my baby when I am away, the child is three but it can’t do anything,” she said.

She told the court that she was later told that the child needed to be going for physiotherapy and when she told Zulu that She needed money, he told her that he had no money and only managed to give her a K50.

But in his defence, Zulu told the court that he was not supporting the child because he had no means to do so.

He said he had no job but had another family since he was married to another woman.

“I try to support her in whatever way I can, at the moment I am not working and it is even difficult to support my family,” he said.

Passing judgment, magistrate Kayunika said not having a job was not a valid excuse for a man to fail to take up his responsibility.

He said in their case the child needed special care, which made it even more important for him to take up his responsibility as a father.

Magistrate Kayunika ordered him to be giving Ncuwa K250 per month and take care of all the medical expenses required by the child.

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