Senegal, Where The Reality of Modern Day Slavery is Taking Place. By Ndiawar Diop

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Macky Sall Mareme FayeTalibe FrancafriqueLife is full of challenges and suspens; and that the most developed countries know it. It’s probably why they go beyond limits to explore other horizons. I, sometimes in my moment of day dreaming, wonder deeply inside my own self when will my fellow African People consider to Grow Up Together and have our God giving Talents and Education nurture our Natural Desire to raise our Nations as Higher as possible to embrace our Golden Ambitions for A New Africa.

Today talking about my own country, Senegal, for exemple we can notice that a portion of 3/4 (Three Quarter) of the population earns way less than the other 1/4 (One Quarter) and has less guaranteed income therefore a Real Risk of always running out of money. This fact is even getting worse since it seems like we’re not aware of the huge difference between those 2 (Two) portions of the population.

To this day, I know for sure, and this a fact, that most Senegalese are regretting having to vote for Macky Sall in the 2012 Presidential Elections and they’re identifying themselves being too naive to approach his electoral promises with ease. It would have made a world of difference, in my opinion, if they could go back in time and change the way the curve has taken them. 

He has done nothing to eradicate violence from the street and his law enforcement tactics seems to increase Crimes and Sacrifice related Killings. 

Today, the Republic of Senegal under Macky Sall is a country of Cocaine, Heroin and Marijuana markets. The biggest drug dealers of the world now have their Head Quarter in Dakar; and deliver drugs to more cities around the world including South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Despite this horrible situation we are living in, none complains. We’re feeling even so comfortable with the abuse, neglect, discrimination and fools that we don’t recognize our enemies. The patriots are being seen and considered whiners. It’s so complexe that we don’t know where to start. The poor and desperate citizens are expecting the miracle to come from the sky and changes everything.

We should be certain that if we don’t take our own destiny in our own hands, we will not survive the agressions of a continuing exploitation as nothing is going to come from the sky to make our life meaningful. It’s a must that we need to start cleaning around us the Puppet-Masters of the modern countries. Being able to identify the enemy is our first sign (Step) of survival.

The good niggers leading our countries in Africa are our first enemies and we ought to know that. We need to work on getting rid of them and impose a fare trading to any open partners who will respect our integrity and our new way of doing business. This is one of  the best ways to survive the Darwinism System Trading. We must stand up for ourselves and expect nothing from anyone.

Today, the “Halpularisation” (Ethnic and Racial Discrimination) imposed by Macky Sall’s Regime in Senegal, is the first step toward what happened in the Rwanda/Burundi Genocide. It’s the same system that creates the Civil War in Cote d’Ivoire. Though, one of the penalty of the Senegalese People is that Peace means the absence of War. For that reason, they don’t fight for their rights if they’re confiscated by the authorities.

Being the president, in the mind of the ordinary people in Senegal, means Having all the right to Kill, Jail, Punish who you don’t care about or promote whoever you like. 

Our water, electricity, airports, ports and main business services are today controlled by foreign companies. All the Natural and Human Ressources are subjected to the free and legal exploitation of Western World. In return they give us hard working job with miserable pays. It seems like this is the modern slavery. Black men, nowadays, wherever they are in the world have to work hard for the benefits of rich countries, just like in old time slavery. 

Our presidents, ministers and businessmen are the slave masters who made available their own brothers and sisters to be the property of others. They are living Paradise while we are living Hell on our own land full of Gold, Diamond, Petrol, Oil, Iron… you name it.

Can we really get the message by thinking out of the Box, knowing that the spirit of Togetherness is Our Only Way to Reach the Door of Success ?

Like all parables, this one is based in fact: the Huge Gap instilled by Politicians has long put at Economic Disadvantage many Senegalese People.

Are we able to close that Gap and work on having more of the needy people get access to Help in Higher Numbers?

Until then, we are going to continue to repeat the same mistakes as those who came before us. Our Success Lies On Our Own Hands, People. Wake Up Senegal !

N’diawar Diop
Journalist, News Correspondent, News Program Moderator, African Political Analyst.

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