Popular Nigerian Singer Timaya Accused Of Rape By American Lady. He Runs Away From USA For Safety

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Popular Nigerian Singer TimayaNigerian singer Timaya seems to be in trouble after an American based lady accused him of rape and threatens to report the matter to the attorney and have him locked up. But first the lady asked Timaya to jet out of Atlanta and cancel his shows and head back home home and take care of his family because if she could report the matter to the police Timaya could not see the light  probably for the rest of his life.

According to sources Timaya immediately left the US for Nigeria to avoid arrest. however it still unconfirmed if indeed the accusations are legit or its just a blackmail although Nigeria blogger has confirmed its indeed Timaya after listening to the Audios submitted by the lady of Timaya begging her for forgiveness but in vain.

Timaya Rape 1

“Before posting the voice recordings, I played it to a few entertainers who confirmed that it’s truly Timaya’s voice, but at no point did he directly admit to rape…though he was begging the lady for forgiveness.” said Linda Ikeji

Timaya Rape 2

Timaya Rape 3

Timaya Rape 4

Timaya Rape 5

Timaya Rape 6

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