Police Use Of Excessive Force On Minorities? By Ndiawar Diop

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Ndiawar Diop Journalist and African Political Analyst

We’ve Seen IT All And Everyone Is Pointing Fingers To The Men In Uniform Saying “Police Departments Disproportionately Target Minorities As Criminal Suspects”, “Police Use Of Excessive Force On Minorities”, “The Police Should Police Their Own” Etc…

Everyone Is Blaming Each Other, Throwing That Bad Reputation Back And Forth …
We Must Know This, America Is A True Melting Pot And That’s The Way It Should Be. This Metaphor Of Heterogeneous Society Becoming More Homogeneous Will Only Be Fully Realized, When The Community And The police Can Truly Work Together For Their Common Interest: The Safety Of Everyone In A Beautiful U.S.A.
In my Opinion If American Police Officers Were Ordered To Patrol In Their Own Immediate Neighborhood And Community, There Would Be Less Police Brutality; it Would Lead To Less Abuse Of Residents Because No Officer Would Want To Brutalize His Neighbors.
May God The Almighty Continue To Bless America And The Entire World !
N’diawar Diop
Journalist, News Correspondent, News Program Moderator, African Political Analyst.

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