Inspiring immigrants: the Africans making an impact

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Mary-Mosinghi-c-Africare-LOW-RESImmigrants don’t always generate good press, and those from Africa face particular challenges. Yet many have a positive social and economic impact. Veronique Mistiaen talks to some of those creating shared benefits for both the UK and Africa.

After coming to the UK, many immigrants from Africa have gone on to become leaders in education, health, fashion and business, making a real impact both in the UK and Africa. Some have combined the expertise they have gained in the UK with their local knowledge and contacts to establish successful development projects in Africa. Others have set up foundations to support infrastructure projects across the continent.

In the UK, many have launched social projects to cater to the health, education and employment needs of African immigrants. Their organisations often target some of the most disadvantaged communities. They are having an impact because they know first-hand what challenges immigrants face when they come to the UK and how to reach out to them.

African diaspora entrepreneurs are also shifting the development agenda – at home and abroad – away from traditional aid and toward financial investment and structural improvement that will bring sustainable benefits to local people. And women hold senior positions in many African diaspora organisations, leading the way for other sectors.

Positive News profiles some of these doers from the African diaspora and looks at what they’ve achieved.

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