Akon Reveals How He Rose From A Convict To Building An Empire At The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015

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Akon The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015Businessman, Record producer and ‘Convict’ hit singer 42 year old Aliaune ‘Akon’ Thiam revealed how he rose from a convict to building an empire in the United State as an African immigrant while addressing participants and guests at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2015) on Friday July 24 in Nairobi

“I built a career helping others build their careers. My record label has shaped world renown stars like Lady Gaga, and that is what entrepreneurship is all about. It’s about creating and growing,” he said while speaking at the pre-event session dubbed Youth and Women Forum at the United Nations Office (UNON) in Nairobi, Akon added that his story was not different from that of any other entrepreneur in the audience.

The singer went ahead to call upon various business people, especially Africans, to unite and help each other grow.

“If we unite we can grow a lot faster and stronger, because we are already in the race. We have to get to the finish line, because that’s the purpose. The purpose is not to win, if that was the case, then we already lost; Africa is far behind than the rest of the world in terms of business growth,” he noted.

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