After Blasting Kenyans Victoria Kimani Now Begging For Their Votes. Will You Vote Her?

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Victoria KimaniThey say Karma is a B!tch and she comes when you least expect. Well for Victoria Kimani it seems her Karma might have come too soon.

its barely a day since Victoria Kimani blasted Kenyans that dont support Kenyan artists but they are quick to condemn them after Sautisol lost lost to contraceptive International Awards.

Kenyans did not take it lightly telling her she got no right at all to question Kenyans support since she is more affiliated to Nigeria as she is registered with Nigeria’s Chocolate City Music Label.

However a section of Kenyans sided with Victoria’s claims.


Tweeted one of her fan. Later Victoria realized she still needed Kenyans support after she has been nominated for Best Female Artist Of The Year in African Entertainment Awards.

She Tweeted.

This leads to our opinion poll today:


Will You Vote Victoria Kimani?


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