5 Things Men Do In Bed That Irritates Women

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5-Things-Men-Do-In-Bed-That-Irritates-WomenEven the most experienced of men may make a mistake or two in the bedroom from time to time and some end up fumbling more times than their favorite football team. It’s up to as a man to keep things interesting and to avoid making bedroom errors that irritate women.

So if you want to be the kind of lover that attracts women like magnets and keeps them coming back for more then here are 5 behaviors you need to check on;

1. Returning lungula favors in the same measure she gives to you or more.

2. Giving her sufficient 4-Play.

3. Show emotions during love making Something as simple as a little moan, or even saying , “That feels so good”, will make her feel good.

4. Making sure she is satisfied will leave her coming for more.

5. Be properly groomed-especially in the more intimate corners of your anatomy.

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